Wednesday 6 April 2011


Well, Today I had A Proposal presentation for my research  project at the University.Though I was somehow  confident  that I will give my best, presentation has been one of my university fear ever since.I don't know about you ? but personally, standing  there for like 10 minutes  is always a  hell  of work .
So, before  the presentation ,I had to check for the  presentation techniques, to give me some motivations you know.Well, I stumbled  this one on Youtube.And I was so amazed to know that the majority fear is speaking to a group of people.(lol..m not myself but surely, we gotta work on this),,Anyhooo
I  had to get there 20 minutes before exactly time just to cool down my nerves.Before I get in, I told myself, This is my last moment to give my best I dont have to fear of anything.By the way, I'm presenting to human being just like me.So, what the fear and sweating for.God Help me...Before I started, I was less relaxed but Suddenly,Along the way, I become more confident and was able to look the invigilator straight into the eyes and flow like

Wednesday 30 March 2011



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You are in the library.Right..the place is as quiet as a mouse.All of the sudden, some dudes pop in, talking senseless in a very annoying loud voice without even considering that there some people who are trying hard to concenrate.

I find it uncool when m in the library and the guy next to me can't stop talking to himself in a voice that anyone can hear him.And if he makes a mistake or  something wrong happen  he/she will just curse.

I find it not fun at all, when 2 guys who came all the way to the library together and seem to be friends.Each one of them sit far from one another and they can't just stop talking to each other, time after time in a very loud voice as usual.

I find it uncool when someone picked up the phone in the library and she will talk, laugh and talk laugh and talk laugh for hours.Forgetting that she is in the library.

I find it not cool when someone didn't put her phone off silence or vibration.and later someone flashes, and flashes and flashes her.I always wonder why she cant just put it in silence if the person can't stop flashing.

Myself, I find it pretty uncool if i didn't have breakfast in the morning(Though somebody told me it is because m taking milk) and at the middle of quietness my tummy won't stop grumbling..aww.I hate it with passion..Next time, Milk Black Tea before school Young Lady!

Friday 25 March 2011

Monday 21 March 2011


*Iwas suppose to post this ages ago..unfortunately I didnt. Anyway, there is no harm Isn't it?.It  was actually  last year,  Christmas holiday .so here goes*

We had an amazing wilderness experience ever.:-)Our local Guiders were brilliant and we absolutely enjoy the days we spent with them.Animals life and features particularly of wonderful Gezzelles(Antelopes) really left us all OMG did I tell you that we fortunate spot a group of Lions seated near the roadside ?.(they were like 7 steps from where we parked our cars) but haha Boy!! we were shaking like a leaf.My bro was brave enough to come out of a car though he couldnt take more steps

The Nights were awesome but somehow scary as you can hear animals making those grunting, groaning and meowing sounds in the darkness.You remember the song we were singing when we were little' Bwana shamba has a farm .ia ia oooh..with a mo mo here with meow meow there' was kind of the same experience ..If you don't have strong heart, you can swiftly faint i tell ya..I was actually about to ...ha ha 

M considering to  revisit Ruaha or go to other national parks/games reserve in future.I once been to Serengeti but didn't enjoy much really,Time was Limited- we stayed there for like 3hrs and it was school safari.No playing around,we had to stick together like a 

The guiders told us that,the large number of people who come to visit the park regularly, are from abroad though lately there are alot of changes as pretty number of Tanzanians began to consider their own unique country heritage hence they are now bumping there.By the way, the locals are charged less to boost inside tourism compared to others....
So, just a piece of advice:-Its time to reclaim our Pride peopleeee so why dont you go and experience the widlife sanctuaries.You will love me..
Our only regret was we couldn't stay for a longer period.Only 3 days didnt totally do Ruaha justice ..Anyhow, it is officially in my 'To Do' list in no complains.
I Repeat!!!A stay in Ruaha National Park will definitely change Your Life Totally So If you have a little time, why should you even Go there...eti People???.P.s..You should make sure you pre-book for the rooms and even a car that will take you around as for us we didnt do so and we actually found that all cars were booked and less rooms were available.....x

Sunday 20 March 2011


With out passion you don't have energy, with out energy you have nothing- Donald Trump!

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How much energy/intensity/Tolerance  can you put towards your life  if you don't  have  passion?
Though I haven't take a major  step to anything I love doing  at the moment but there is something like fire burning in my heart telling me that I have to fulfil  the purpose  of me on earth.The fire can't  just leave me or stop.So, I  have already make up my mind  to  go  for them though m waiting for the right time to come which I suppose is so near.(That's when I graduate anyhow*With God Grace*)

See the question above? Today I was thinking  of passion to the extent of asking myself that question.I think of many angles of passion especially of  pretty good number of  artists to a great degree of musicians , who some of them don't have passion for music but  they enrol in the world of music regardless .Some of them are striving for fame/publicity  and others for  money in order to cater their short term needs. You will notice this,After one single or an album and after they get what they want they become so dry and stop chasing  what they call passion.Why?  because they didn't have real passion in the first place .Clearly,For someone with passion even if he earned loads and loads  of millions, money will not  simply stop him from pursuing what he loves.

I learn one thing that Passion never dies.Passion will never be distracted by money  and there is no way You can just fake passion?No way?either you posses it or not at all.
Passion is real.Passion  will make sure that your journey towards your dream remains burning even in bad and self doubt times .Therefore, You have to dig deep down your being and discover things that you are absolutely enjoy doing.
So what  should you do,basically?

Abandon the attachment to time- let your passion flow itself.Never worry about  time cause that will force  you to act desperately and worse enough to the things that you aren't passionate about.If you have a passion then  take your time to let it grow.Also, take a note that you can't achieve everything within a day.Patient , focus and concentration is almost  needed.Take an example of David Tlale , the famous designer from South Africa, after discovering his  passion for fashion  and after showcasing few of his works and won new talent prize, he waited for 5 years to establish the brand without supplying his design to anyone.Gosh!see him now, he is the one of the best designers in SA.Surely,Persistence pays.

Don't let Money striving destruct Your Passion-striving for money and passion are pure enemies or two different things.Just like water and hot oil if You know what I mean.This point  is so essential even to people who are not yet find their passion .If  You are doing something  just for the sake of money then You won't get anywhere..Cause if fortunately you got money, you will left behind all you so called Passion since it wasn't your call.If you have passion,Money won't stop you to dream big and big.Passion will forever illuminate you and  make you happy but not money.I believe people got more than one passion.So, Don't ever restrict yourself unnecessarily , let the power of your passion lead you to where you are suppose to be.

Don't Let other People Paths to become Your Path-I had problem with this one.I was nearly to loose my identity because of following what my siblings, friends  were clinging to.I  forgot that  I have my own way of becoming who I am and not as Juma ,Matthew and Dorice either.Just some few months ago I realised that many paths i followed before were depending on  other people  paths.I just couldn't make my own which is totally bad.So,presently m in the process of establishing my own path.Remember,We are all have unique paths so don't let their path to become your path cause when they will give up ,mess up and fail, you will definitely do the same thing.

Renew Your Passion Frequently-As I said above, we all passionate on some things.However, don't dwell on individual or single passion because sometime in future it might change. Consequently, don't depend on one passion for future success.For example, if you have passion for wrestling, when you get older you will not able to wrestle any more though the passion will strongly  be there.So it good at young age as now, you relax and find more things you love to do and you develop yourself in them..

Till Next Time..Bye Now!

Saturday 19 March 2011


M currently preparing for my exams which are in two months time .So, was in the library yesterday doing some calculations for  My favourite module-Financial Management.It is my fav. because it  has to do with loads of calculations rather than essays and all that. All of the sudden  bang!this outfit image came into my mind.Accordingly, I took my book,pencil and started drawing it.and finally, it appears like this.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Tuesday 15 March 2011


I vividly Remember since i was very young I could just draw.Particularly when I was in primary school .I usually Use one of my exercise Books that my daddy will buy for me to Draw all Kind of sketches especially women sketches(From head to toe).I developed since then  Although m not an artist and I didn't opt for Fine art class but my passion for sketching women outfits was there and is still there. If any outfit image bumps into my head or see earlier in a day then I will just draw.At that time I didn't know all about fashion.I didn't know why I was doing all that though since I loved it then I kept on Doing until this phase..

So,Yesterday, Out from nowhere I remembered all about sketching stuffs . I rushed, take a pencil, a book , sharpener, A glass of cold water and started drawing any outfit image that will come up in my mind .Within an hour I came out with eight outfits.Consequently,this  took me to a deep thinking that I have to give attention to my childhood dream!

At the moment m considering of using real fabrics to make clothes  out of my sketches though I don't know about fabrication or how to sew about anything(Which is not a major excuse really).I'm taking  account of doing some trainings  in some months to come or ask our sisters to teach me..Either way!. .I wish time would rush so that I get free time to do what I wanna do cause presently school works are killing me softly.

 For now I'm only checking youtube videos to see how it's done n also im working on colour palettes in order bring the uniqueness of my outfits.I simply hate the sameness of the outfit  really, It absolutely put me off when I find somebody wear as same clothes as me.I want my future design to be Unique, playful and fun, colourful and wearable.and Yes I hope to get a connection with someone who knows more about sketching,designing and fashion.It will be more easier for me.

At the time being my sketches suck but Still No design ever made without the passion or start from somewhere and As longer as (I) you got passion then (I'm)you are safe.Moreover, I have plenty time later to learn and All that and the best thing above all, I believe In God Everything is Possible.So probably one day this will turn to reality..Ummh..I cant wait to Graduate and step Up!


Sunday 13 March 2011


We all want to achieve our  fantastic dreams Right?Where we can have too much excitements, celebration and enjoy living the dream..yeah?So, Today I learn the following tips, I hope will somehow help you Too:

☆Don't be Afraid ,Speak Out Your Dream

☆Walk With Those Who Have Seen The Same Dream and Avoid Who Diminish Your Dream

☆Find Somewhere To Fit Your Dreams(If You Know  it is exactly Your dream Then Build it A House or shelter to dwell)

☆Maintain Your Integrity-Don't let People Opinions Change  Who You Are

☆Be Persistence -Don't Quit  on Your Dream,Refuse To Give Up and If you about to quit think about a big number of people who are looking onto You

☆Do What You Have To Do For The Dream To Be Fulfilled/tackled -You should have a target what or who your  dream want to serve.Make sure is not for Yourself or for fame or reputation seeking but for sb or sth.. For example:For God,country, family, and etc

☆Stay Health In body and Spirit..Remember Don't get Revenge when your Dream Is Coming To reality.Pray,Stay Cool and Happy.

☆ Much Love-Stella.x

Thursday 10 March 2011


I know !!!Orange is a bright colour that for some who don't fancy bright colors will not be so excited.However, I suppose Everyone can pull off the look with this colour.Its the greeeatest!!.By the way,This color has been a bomb since 2008 and yes its back now..Particularly for!!!.M so loving Orange right about now....Any good samaritan out there? I need an orange blouse and boyfriend jacket.Thank you Very Much!

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